Global catastrophe will cover the entire planet, scientists have named the fatal day: “no one shall be saved”

Глобальная катастрофа накроет всю планету, ученые назвали роковую дату: "никто не спасется"

Mankind brings itself to a major disaster that threatens all life on Earth

NASA officials warned that a large part of perennial Arctic ice cover due to global warming has disappeared and been replaced by thin ice that melts and disappears in the warmer months. If the whole planet will not sink in the future it can finish high temperature.

As the scientists explain, perennial ice persists for more than two years, it is thicker than the seasonal ice and plunging into the ocean. In such glaciers, less salt, which prevents them to melt quickly. At the same time, the seasonal sea ice thickness reaches about two meters and almost disappears in summer.

Глобальная катастрофа накроет всю планету, ученые назвали роковую дату: "никто не спасется"

1958 was a fateful date for the entire scientific community. After all, studies show that since the thickness of the ice cover in the Arctic has decreased threefold, while the area of perennial ice has decreased by two million square kilometers. According to scientists, in the future, the rate of thinning is considerably reduced, but it will happen due to the complete disappearance of the thick ice, not due to the cessation of climate change.

In the end, the Arctic will become more vulnerable to a rise in the average temperature of water and air on the planet. It can become a calamity for all living things. If the temperature rises above a critical level, then any body can not be saved. Scientists suggest that the inhabitants of the Earth will survive the rise in global temperature on the planet just 2 degrees Celsius. After the start of the catastrophic changes in global sea level, the deficit starts drinking water and food, it will die out flora and fauna.

Глобальная катастрофа накроет всю планету, ученые назвали роковую дату: "никто не спасется"

In order to keep the warming of the planet at 1.5 degrees or less, all the scientists agree that emissions of carbon into the atmosphere after 2020 should be greatly reduced. If ecologists can achieve success, by 2050 they will reach the zero level. In theory, it could stop global warming.

Meanwhile, the satellites grace showed a decrease in mass of the glacier four times in comparison with indicators of the ice sheet of Greenland in the period from 2003 to 2013. Having studied the work of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of researchers calculated that a loss of ice mass frozen in 12-18 months. Soon, however, the melting could resume, raising the sea level.

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