Give up before exercise: foods that don’t mix with sports

Откажитесь перед тренировкой: продукты, которые плохо сочетаются со спортом

Discard these products before exercise for health and their own comfort

Be a shame if some trifle, eaten on the eve of a trip to the gym will negate all the efforts. That did not happen, avoid the following products.

A lot of fiber

Foods like hummus, beans and broccoli it is better to leave for Breakfast or lunch — pre-workout they will play with you a malicious joke. Foods with high fiber content can cause bloating and agree that it is not very nice — and during training is also very uncomfortable.

Откажитесь перед тренировкой: продукты, которые плохо сочетаются со спортом


Drink your coke and chips, and sparkling in the evening when you watch the show. And in the hall drink plain water. Carbonated water expands the stomach and this in turn may cause upset or discomfort. As for sparkling, it’s pretty obvious: sports and alcohol are incompatible.

Dairy products

The same can be said about dairy products, which are typically poorly digested and can cause bloating.

Sweet snacks

Candy bars or energy counterparts with granola, seeds, raisins and other additives, very convenient to carry in your bag — they are nutritious, sweet , take up little space and are inexpensive. But, unfortunately, they are not so nutritious, to provide you with energy for sports. Besides, some of them contain a lot of sugar, and as we know, a large dose of glucose at one time for the body — not the most healthy solution. If you do eat energy bars, pay more attention to the sugar content.

Fried foods

Fatty foods like hamburgers, French fries and pizza contain saturated fats, which remain longer in the digestive tract and can cause bloating and even cramping. Donuts and pastries may be an even worse choice, because of them you get a double dose of fat and sugar.

Откажитесь перед тренировкой: продукты, которые плохо сочетаются со спортом

Hot drinks

Science says that caffeine can actually improve the performance of your workout, but make sure that your coffee was cool or cold (with ice). Hot drinks make us sweating profusely. It’s not a question of safety or health, just comfort.

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