Gisele Benoit, painter and naturalist

gisele-benoit-profite-passage-musee“People are increasingly disconnected from nature and it scares me because it means they are disconnected from the Earth. They are like aliens, “lamented Gisele Benoit, Thursday during an interview with the Daily.

She was in the hall of the Musée du Fjord where Panache exposure: caribou and other deer runs until January 8th. A painting of the animal painter hangs there, a beautiful oil called The Godfather. It shows a robust moose, followed by a younger subject. title sponsor and the one that was modeled.

Two good reasons justified its presence in La Baie, in the company of his parents and Raynald Monique Benoit. They held another exhibition, Deer, artists muses, which brings together fifteen works bearing his signature as well as that of his mother. It added the launch of the book sacred Thrill of the wild world.

This sumptuous book contains a biography of the family made famous by the paintings created by the two women, as well as movies and TV shows made by the father. It helps to understand what drives these nature lovers while presenting a selection of works that make you want to go to forest.

“With the book, people will see how was our journey,” says Gisele Benoit. Even before his birth, his parents loved observe moose in their natural habitat. There were also two aunts who lived together in Saint-Hilaire. One of them was of taxidermy and photography, in addition to collecting insects.

“I was aged seven or eight years when I decided to devote my life to animals,” says the artist. Putting in the footsteps of her mother, she quickly put painting before practicing close contact. This is to meet the animals to observe them better.

“It is to be close to moose, wolves and lynx. I watch how they behave and it’s fascinating, “explains Gisele Benoit. Since his parents are stakeholders in its approach, sometimes his father films his interventions. Each output also leads to trade, decoding patient work in his company.

A common passion

Driven by a common passion, the Benoit are not afraid to be isolated for weeks, months in a camp lost in the woods. They heartily because it is born and paintings and films that accumulate layers to know you can then share.

With this logic in mind that were produced paintings hung on the Musee du Fjord. “The art is to touch people in creating beauty, but we also need to understand the science,” notes Benoit Gisele.

Among the causes dear to his heart, there is that wolves. Several times she has had the chance to meet them and they never threatened her. Yet we continue to despise. “There is a big extension work to do about it, says the artist. The problem is that Quebec is so afraid of wild animals. ”

This is one of the consequences of disconnection mentioned above. We fear what we do not know and at the same time, it does not care about the preservation of life. Because they are increasingly rare, where pets can stay together, free from the presence of humans.

“When examining a map of Quebec, one realizes how the parks occupy little space, compared to the wildlife sanctuaries. It should be reversed in order to preserve nature and biodiversity. It would also take corridors to connect these territories, “says Gisèle Benoit.

This is to bring this kind of message she and her mother have formed a collection of missionaries paintings, works that are not sold, but meant to be viewed. By a curious twist of fate, so are their subjects, animals, which argue for their cause.

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