Girl-ogress went back to school, parents in a panic: “Any dramatic statement and all…”

Девочка-людоедка вернулась в школу, родители в панике: «Любое резкое высказывание и все…»

Girl-ogress of the Russian city of Sochi has returned from a psychiatric hospital back to school, which caused shock among parents

About it reports channel Life Shot in the Telegram.

“The girl, who confessed to cannibalism, returned to school. Parents of her classmates don’t understand how “the cannibal” could be released, and the demand to protect her from their children”, — stated in the message.

Published footage shows how a man expresses dissatisfaction with the return of girls to school. According to him, a gently spoken word or expression to it “and all…”.

“If the child is in school, we don’t go to school””, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, disgusting and horrific in its composition the crime was committed by 12 — year-old Russian girl and her adult “boyfriend”

According to Russian media, 12-year-old Valeria, a native of the Russian city of Sochi, made statements regarding the a new murder committed by her hands.

As it became known, the girl has killed one person along with her “boyfriend” Arkady Zverev, a native of the Altai territory. Then the “couple” took the life of 21-year-old Alexander Popovich, who was from Leningrad region and partially ate his body.

According to the Russian edition, Valery said that a year ago she was allegedly raped, after which she, with the goal of revenge, killed her rapist by hitting him 25 times with a stone on the head. It should be noted that this information is not reliable, and it is now practiced by Russian law enforcement bodies.

In addition, Valeria was announced details of the murder of Popovic. The story of the 12-year-old followed that Arkady that cut the victim’s head, allowed her to open the stomach of the corpse. Valery supposedly “always wanted to see the human gut”.

Psychiatrists who examined the child, found she had symptoms of schizophrenia with aggressive behavior with good appetite and quiet sleep. The child sometimes sings songs and recites poems. They also recorded that it has a need to attract attention. Crime action, she is not regarded as something horrible and negative.

Along with the visual diagnosis, psychiatrists have revealed Valeria organic brain damage. This circumstance indicates that the child poses a clear danger to others.

Девочка-людоедка вернулась в школу, родители в панике: «Любое резкое высказывание и все…»

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