Girl diagnosed with autism creates incredibly beautiful paintings

Even Angelina Jolie has bought into the collection!

Дівчинка з діагнозом аутизм створює неймовірно красиві картини

A girl named iris grace is only 9 years old and she is already known as a serious artist. By the way, to surprise his work she started in 3 years. But the most unusual thing about this story is that the child has autism, informs Rus.Media.

Children with autism are not able to participate in social interactions. Doctors diagnosed her in 3 years and told her mother that the girl hardly learn to speak and will not be in contact with other people.

Iris didn’t want to see nobody around, except for my mom to Arabella, even close relatives were not allowed. The girl was afraid of so many things. She has not played with toys, looked others in the eye, not sleep in her bed and afraid of water.

But one day my mother was involved with her daughter and drew man. Iris liked it so much that she took a brush and tried to repeat. Since then, life has changed little.

The first picture of the girls mother called “Patience” and put it on his page in social networks. A few days work is interested in one woman who wanted to buy it.

These paintings have continued to share it on your page in social networks. She called former classmate, which is engaged in the art business, and suggested that the work iris took part in the exhibition. Mom was surprised, because believed that her daughter – the usual sick child. “She is a talented artist,” said the woman.

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“In the ocean”

This work is painted with ink and acrylic.

Part of the picture.

Another part of the job.

Inspired by the sea.

Calendar for 2019 with drawings by iris.

The fame of iris had gone around the world. Her paintings are presented in private collections. By the way, one of them bought Angelina Jolie. For the money, the family went on a trip to Stockholm. This is a great achievement for the girl who once never left the house and couldn’t even be around other people. After that iris went to Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and France.

The story of a girl Arabella decided to publish the book “iris grace”. She wanted people to know more about autism. These people can be a bright future. Methods that help iris may not be suitable for every child, but the woman believes that there is always a key to follow the example of your child.

Another miracle happened when iris bought the cat breed Maine Coon, which is called Tula. The animal is not moving away from the girl, is always near, even if it should be Cycling or by boat.

It is said that cats are afraid of water. But once the Tula jumped in the tub, as if to show by example that the girl is all right. Mom says girls fear before the water began to go.

The first words she said were: “Cat sit”. Over time, the girl began to smile.

And here is Arabella.

Here is how the efforts of mums and friendship with a cat changed the life of an autistic child. Love is what made this story happy.

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