Get rid of things that carry negative energy, in order not to experience financial difficulties

These things in the house to block money power – throw them out!

Позбавтеся від речей, які несуть негативну енергетику, щоб не відчувати фінансових труднощів

Poverty attracts not only the unfortunate circumstances, but the usual stuff. Get rid of all that repels money to never have space trouble

The home energy value attached since time immemorial, because it determines the quality of people’s lives. What situation surrounds us, depends not only mood, but also the financial well-being. Some items directly affect cash flows, blocking them.

Empty bottles are energy poverty, especially if they leave on the table. It is a symbol of emptiness, to be rid of immediately. Bottles, which serve as decorative vases or ornaments, also should not stand empty. They definitely need to put something, otherwise the cash flows will go from the house, informs Rus.Media.

Stale or moldy bread in the house – losses and poverty. Bread at all times revered, so the house needs to be fresh pastries. Energy financial well-being bypasses the places where negligent owners do not follow the main product.

Dried flowers are also worth a throw. Characters wilt take the positive energy, deprive of happiness and prosperity. The flowers are in muddy water, close to financial flows, allowing to earn good money even in a prestigious place.

Broken crockery is another sign of poverty, and it is necessary to get rid of. In addition, this cookware is dangerous to health, he brings home the power of destruction and poverty.

Old furniture, which throw a pity, can also block money power. Things that nobody uses, should not clutter the space, so as not to disturb the positive energy to freely penetrate into all the rooms.

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Wallpaper or other decorative elements on the walls, which are dilapidated or deteriorated, causing the poverty. The house it is important to maintain the cleanliness and neatness, otherwise the dream of money will remain only dreams.

Old shoes, especially the torn and dirty, promises a big problem with money.

Clothing of deceased peoplethat hangs together with the clothes of living people, takes strength, so it is impossible to keep in the house. Such things have a negative impact on health and mood, allowing you to earn the money begins to flow from the owners.

To maintain a positive energy at home using talismans and amulets, but they cause trouble if there are broken or damaged. Watch out for their house, so it was always in order, and then it will be much easier to attract the financial flow and good fortune.

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