Germany will create a system of spy satellites

Berlin has allocated 400 million euros for three reconnaissance satellite.

Berlin before the end of the month may place an order for the production of three spy satellites for the Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND). This is reported by the newspaper media group Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, citing sources.

According to the Federation, the Bundestag Committee on the budget in June and has already approved the allocation of EUR 400 million for this purpose. The establishment of a space intelligence system in Germany called Georg expect aircraft company Airbus and the German rocket and space Corporation, OHB. It is expected that the project would be interesting for the Israeli military-industrial concern IAI. It is planned to launch satellites into Earth orbit in early 2020-ies.

System Georg needed to BND could “quickly and independently” to collect data and to provide the government of Germany “as independent and current assessment of the situation” in the conflict regions, quotes Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland document of the Federal Chancellery. “Sometimes it is not enough to generate information dependent on third parties, and purchase photographs on the commercial market or to request the international partners,” reads the document.

Informed of the German secret services demanded empowerment.

Source: Russian service of DW

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