German Rubstov aims KHL: no change for the Sags

german-rubtsov-indique-journalistes-quilDespite the recent remarks of the Russian German Rubtsov, nothing has changed in this case, provides coach and general manager of Chicoutimi, Yanick Jean.

After a workout in the training of Vityaz, the KHL Wednesday striker and first-round pick of the top European draft Chicoutimiens mentioned to reporters that “his goal was to play in the KHL next season and he would do everything to break through training. The KHL is higher than the Canadian League. ” It was enough to start the rumor mill on social networks and say that Sags could forget.

Joint Thursday Yanick Jean said the situation has not changed and that he was aware of the objective of Rubtsov to evolve in the KHL when he attempted the coup in late June. In the same vein, the signing of a new contract last week was also a technicality. Yanick Jean always gives until January 10 to find a way to attract the first-round pick of the Philadelphia Flyers in the Saguenay and continue to watch the developments.

Jacob exchanged

Striker Alexander Jacob, who has hit the target three times in 41 games last season, will not be back with the Chicoutimi. The 19 year old player will have rather a chance to argue with the Acadie-Bathurst Titan. In return, the Chicoutimi give a try to another striker Yan Plourde.

The newspaper L’Acadie Nouvelle reported the transaction that has not been confirmed by neither one nor the other general managers involved. Yanick Jean has just said that the trading period in the QMJHL began on 1 August.

4th round pick of Titan in 2014, Yan Plourde spent most of last season in the Junior A New Brunswick. 18 years old, the 6-foot 1 and 180 pounds played 19 games in the uniform of Titan, without obtaining point.

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