German police rescued a man scared by a squirrel

В Германии полиция спасла напуганного мужчину от белки

A resident of the German city of Karlsruhe has complained to the police on pursuing a squirrel.

Obviously, it was one of the strangest calls received ever on the panel of service of rescue in Karlsruhe. “Help, I was pursuing a squirrel,” said the caller. When officers came to his home, they found the squirrel, who was jumping around the apartment. Fortunately, animal wcss tired and fell asleep.

It turned out that he was newly born and probably lost her mother. “Often happens when proteins lose their mothers, they are looking for a replacement. And then focus their efforts on one person,” — said the press Secretary of local police Christine Krenz. She said that the young “can be very Intrusive and not just run over someone, but to dwell on it.”

В Германии полиция спасла напуганного мужчину от белки

Explaining the act of a “victim of persecution”, Krenz acknowledged that it could seem like a threat. “He didn’t know what to do and called the police,” she said.

The squirrel was taken away and sent to the animal shelter.

В Германии полиция спасла напуганного мужчину от белки

For reference: squirrels are very prolific, bring 1-2 or even three litters per season — that is, from February to August, depending on the area of habitation. born from 2 to 10 blind cubs, who see only a month. At the age of 8-10 weeks leave the mother, and in 9-12 months and are ready to get posterity. Will age of protein — about 4 years; in zoos they live up to 10-12 years.

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