Gerashchenko paid for “Zelensky-ignoramus”, a shame to see all Ukraine

Геращенко поплатилась за "Зеленского-неуча", позор увидела вся Украина

Ally of ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Irina Gerashchenko showed ignorance of their own law

At the meeting of the working group, Irina Gerashchenko has demanded from Vadim Rabinovich to communicate in Ukrainian, referring to the law on language.

Future MP from “public Servants” Maxim Buzhansky commented on his page in Facebook.

Buzhansky decided to make a few comments about it. He noted that the law on language, article 9, paragraphs 1 and 2 are listed all the authorities whose representatives are obliged to use the state language.

This also includes the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Everything except people’s deputies of Ukraine. Mention of them was taken right before the vote, and is the immediate merit of deputies from the BPP and people’s Front.

Геращенко поплатилась за "Зеленского-неуча", позор увидела вся Украина

“Despite this, the Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko, were loudly celebrating the victory, which considered the adoption of the Language Law in the mentioned edition. In this regard, I come to the following conclusions. Either Irina Gerashchenko was read adopted, and it also celebrated the Law On Language. Or like the fact that people’s deputies of Ukraine – the only category of government representatives, not obligated to use the state language in the performance of their duties,” said Buzhansky.

Netizens have been actively discussing this event, many with sparkling humor “smashed” Irina Gerashchenko.

“read. did so. deputies there.and th then Rabinovich steamed? he’s just a Deputy!😀 Irinka is not prepared😂😂😂”, “Dumb? Or law does not read?”, “But Zelensky said that he is ignorant….”, “She lives in the forest in a hut on chicken legs how could she know the law on language )))”, “Gerashchenko need to think not about the language, and think where the hell to hold.”

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Геращенко поплатилась за "Зеленского-неуча", позор увидела вся Украина

Геращенко поплатилась за "Зеленского-неуча", позор увидела вся Украина

Also earlier it was reported that in social networks the future MP from “public Servants” Maxim Buzhansky told about requirements of the country Poroshenko Irina Gerashchenko. It turns out that the former Deputy speaker of Parliament are very much demanded from Parliament, although the party in which it is gained only 8%.

“If someone thinks that Irina Gerashchenko understand what’s going on with Poroshenko, then no. Strong no. Did not have time to otseselt working group on the organization of the first meeting of the Parliament, as Irina was already born short, only a three-page list of requirements, somewhat similar to the ultimatum of Batu besieged Kyiv. First things first, Irina Gerashchenko requires to show her the program – analogue of the coalition agreement.”, writes Buzhansky.

We will remind, the son of Poroshenko refused to speak Ukrainian.

As reported Politeka, son-in-law of the President urgently summoned for questioning in the GPU.

Also Politeka wrote, Ukrainians angered by the scandalous antics of children Poroshenko.