Geomagnetic storm is expected on Earth 4 January 2019

The first geomagnetic storm in 2019 will cover the Earth on 4 January.

As the scientists told the Sun opened a coronal hole that rotated toward Earth.

From this coronal hole in the side of the “blue” planet, flow of the solar wind, which can cause strong geomagnetic storm on our planet.

According to experts, the first stream of solar wind to reach Earth on the 4th of January 2019.

The solar wind will bring to our planet the Northern lights and geomagnetic storms that can cause disruptions in technology and impact on health matiasevich people.

In the days of magnetic storms should be more attentive to their health. You should avoid heavy physical exertion and carefully to follow the diet.

We will add that “coronal holes” are places on the Sun where a magnetic field of the star. Coronal holes help to drain the solar wind. On images, the coronal holes appear as dark spots, as contained in these places, the plasma disappears.

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