Gentilly-2 finished the plan for nuclear emergency

organisation-regionale-securite-civile-mauricie(Becancour) Regional Organisation of civil security Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec has decided to abolish the Plan of external nuclear emergency at the Gentilly-2, as well as associated protective measures, such as taking iodine tablets.

According to the organization, the nuclear installation is no longer a risk to the surrounding population.

Experts have indeed established that following the decommissioning of the plant, there was no possible accident with health effects beyond the exclusion zone of 1 km from the nuclear facility, including land are property of Hydro-Québec.

The area of ​​8 km planned for emergency measures can be abandoned and the stable iodine tablets are now useless.

In the coming days, the 3,500 homes affected by this measure will receive a notice by mail to return the tablets in a pharmacy or at the Bécancour Hall, the fire station street Rochefort Trois-Rivieres, human resources offices of the City of Trois-Rivieres, located at 1001 Rang Saint-Malo or the municipal office of Champlain.

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