Genetic medicine has revolutionized medicine: what is known

Генные лекарства произвели революцию в медицине: что известно

Gene therapy, programmed cell and “smart” bacteria are not inventions of science fiction writers

All it cares about human health as medicine is growing by leaps and bounds and has incredible advances in medicine.

For example, thanks to mass vaccination mankind has forgotten about many dangerous diseases which kills millions of people, writes

Генные лекарства произвели революцию в медицине: что известно

Now, thanks to modern diagnosis, it is possible not only to predict or even control the disease, but to determine how the disease will react to the treatment.

Now modern scientific medicine offers absolutely the latest in medications that allow patients to move traditional treatment.

Scientists have learned how to create a programmable medicine — in the form of gene therapy, the simulated cells and microbes.

The fact that the usual medicine is treated by acting on cells or DNA or microbes. Now same medication, created on the basis of gene therapy to make cells, DNA or microbes themselves become cure and begin to actively work on healing his “master”.

To work new genetic medicine will be this: they “know” that the body has a disease, define it, and taught how to deal with specific disease begins his “attack”. When the problem in the body will be eliminated, genetic medicine will cease their actions to recovery.

Note also that the gene therapy was first approved in 2017. A year later a special Commission, the FDA approved 59 of advanced drugs and biologics, which is a record number.

Immediately claimed that these drugs will have a very high cost. It is not excluded, then the payment will be carried out even in installments. But still not clear how they will get to the patients.

Генные лекарства произвели революцию в медицине: что известно

One thing is clear that genetic medicine can be called revolutionary for patients who will give hope of recovery, even for those who have virtually incurable disease.

The future of medicine for gene therapy.

We will remind that in Kharkov the pharmacy sold dangerous drugs: drug trafficking undercover.

As reported Politeka, a popular drug was dangerous to life: “Enjoy every second”.

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski warned the Ukrainians: “Doctors prescribe unnecessary medications”.