General cleaning: preparing the garden for winter

Successful wintering is a prerequisite of productivity of the orchard.

Генеральне прибирання: підготовка саду до зими

Moderate winter sun, temperature changes and the appetite of the pests that miracle. But if you properly prepare the garden for winter, you can increase its stability, informs Rus.Media.

Cleaning leaves

Fallen leaves is better to collect in the compost pile and sprinkle it with lime – a useful fertilizer for the next year never hurt anybody. Speaking of autumn cleaning of leaves, remember that in the last few years the number of enemies is dramatically increased. This is primarily linked with the assertion that fallen leaves supposedly provided protection for the tree roots located in the upper layer of the soil. But is it? The answer one chooses for himself, however, the foliage in any case will have to be removed if the trees in your garden were ill this year for mealy dew, scab or other diseases, whose pathogens are stored on the letter.

Most experienced growers today agree that the leaves should be removed promptly: ideally in mid-autumn. In the fallen leaves at rest is a variety of pests and pathogens that already in the near future can apply to your garden irreparable harm. The only way to burn fallen leaves is not you, of course, clear your garden from dormant parasites, but will cause irreparable harm to the environment.

Hardening and mulching (September-November)

If you have young Apple trees of valuable varieties, grafted and pears, you can spend the hardening of the root system – this will increase their resistance in the event of a snowless cold. In September vagrant the earth from the trunk of the tree to 3-5 cm in depth, exposing upper part of the large roots. The excavated earth collect and store in a frost-free room in passendale. With the onset of light frost return the land to the place.

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Генеральне прибирання: підготовка саду до зими

Thanks hardening the roots will gradually get used to low temperatures and better survive the dangerous period before the snow starts. The root system of Apple trees grafted on rootstock napvilag and stone from frost protect soil mulching of dry bulk materials. It is conducted in November.

For water loading irrigation (start – Seredina October)

In the fall thoroughly water the garden. The root system consumes the moisture until the soil freezing. If the autumn is rainy, watering is not necessary, but when there is less precipitation and land long not frozen, plants can suffer. Irrigation dose depends on the age of the plant: earth at a depth of 40 cm (for trees) and 20-30 cm (for shrubs) across the projection of the foliage should be wet.

The estimated volume of water – 40 to 50 litres per tree 4 to 6 years. Watering can be carried out at once, spilling every plant portions and waiting until the water is absorbed into the soil, but it is better to stretch it for a few days. Spill not only the row area (by the way, water should not leak in the trunk), but the entire area under the crown of the tree: the active suction roots are just on its periphery. Prevent water flowed, to construct the earthen shaft, operculina tree trunks circle with a radius of 70 cm (for trees up to 5 years) and 1.5-2-m (older).

Protection from rodents (October)

Take care to protect from rodents. To do this tie the trunk (the trunk portion from the ground to the first major branch) spruce branches (needles down) or Kraft paper, glassine paper, reed mats, bamboo mats, roofing material, roofing, construction bandages. Or even old pantyhose. It is important to remove the protection in spring, otherwise the bark under it to sweat. And it is best to use the plastic mesh they freely pass the air.

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Генеральне прибирання: підготовка саду до зими

Root spraying (end of October – beginning of November)

Be sure to spend an autumn spraying against fungal infections, even if signs of the disease there. This is a very effective and environmentally safe procedure: after leaf fall you can use disinfectant solutions of high concentration without the fear that they abicut leaves or gets into the fruit. The treatment is carried out with copper sulfate (3-5% solution – 300-500 g of sulfate per 10 liters of water). Copper sulphate is soluble is not good, therefore it is best to dissolve it in a small amount of hot water, and then bring the solution volume to the required. Sprayed before painting and installing plant protection from rodents.

Генеральне прибирання: підготовка саду до зими

Whitewash (November, February-March)

A bright spring sun and especially the rays reflected from snow, causing young plants sunburn. The greatest harm they cause to trees aged from 5 to 10-12 years. To protect against burns and morozovoy garden, use whitewash, which is applied to the trunks and bases of skeletal branches twice: in November and February-March. You can use a special paint for wood latex-based – it doesn’t wash out the autumn rains. Apply whitewash or paint only on a dry crust and not in the rainy season.

Генеральне прибирання: підготовка саду до зими

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