Geely intends to make of Lotus rival Porsche and Ferrari

Geely намерена сделать из Lotus конкурента Porsche и Ferrari

Eight years have passed since then, as Lotus announced plans to introduce six new models, including the Esprit, Elite, Elan and Eterne.

This ambitious plan was never implemented mainly because of lack of financial resources.

But since the Paris motor show 2010 a lot has changed, and one of the key events was the purchase of Lotus by the Chinese company Geely, which now owns a controlling stake in Lotus.

Previously, Geely has spent more than $ 11 billion for the revival of the Volvo, and now, it seems, came the turn of the Lotos. According to the publication Bloomberg, Geely plans to invest in Lotus is not less than $ 1.9 billion to transform the company into the rival Porsche and Ferrari. The money will be used for the construction of a new plant, the center for design and innovation, as well as hiring 200 new engineers.

And while there is no reason for the specifics, the report argues that investments should pave the way for increasing line of cars as new, and revived models.

The strategy focuses on the rebirth of Lotus as a world leading luxury brand.

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