Gatineau police officers begin pressure means

depuis-23-h-mercredi-autopatrouillesGatineau Police Brotherhood has lost confidence in the will of the City of wanting to negotiate a new collective agreement in good faith and launching a first wave of pressure.

Since 23 pm Wednesday, patrol cars of the police department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG) are decked out with stickers denouncing what the union believes to be “rigged negotiations.” The stickers that have reading “Stop thief, negotiations are rigged, the thief, healthy pension plans are butchered” were placed on the windows-triangles rear doors of vehicles, and in the upper right corners and left rear window of the patrol cars.

“We meet today in arbitration before an employer who obviously does not solve our collective agreement, says the president of the fraternity, Jean-Pierre Bussiere. Negotiations are rigged. We are confident that our perception is correct. ”

The police union accuses the City to do everything to delay the process of negotiation and arbitration to take advantage of the provisions of Bill 110 that will allow cities to recommend to the provincial government to impose working conditions of its employees.

“It is clear that the management representatives are waiting to see what the promises included in the fiscal pact could offer more to negotiate with us, says Bussiere. The provincial government is interfering in our negotiations by dangling promises to municipalities, which has a direct impact on our discussions. ”

“24 hrs 24 if necessary”

The Mayor of Gatineau, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, was quick to pass the buck to the police union that he was prepared to negotiate night and day if necessary. “If the police union wants to sit down and talk, we are quite willing to do, he said. We have been saying that they have decided to go to arbitration. If the police want to get out of arbitration and negotiating, we are ready to do 24 hours 24. We offers quite reasonable and we managed to reach agreement with four unions within the same framework of [ negotiation]. I am convinced that if everyone is reasonable, we can agree. ”

As for the arbitration process initiated at the request of the Police Brotherhood, the mayor says not wanting to waste time and energy in a process that will become obsolete in any way with the possible adoption of Bill 110. ” we want to first understand the legislation and above all we do not want to waste time and energy, has he said. The setting will change with this bill and we do not want to end up in an arbitration process that is for nothing and we must start in a new environment. ”

The mayor wanted to highlight the “restraint” with which the police began their first pressure means. “It’s part of the tools at their disposal, they have the right to express their opinion, and I’m happy to feel from them some restraint to avoid damaging the cars, he said. If there is damage, we will send the bill to the union. ”

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