Gatineau could invest in the future Guertin

It seems increasingly clear that the Gatineau municipal council must reverse the bulk of the resolution passed in the snatch, there is a year which provided that the City completely withdrew from financing the construction of the future amphitheater Olympics, leaving the private sector care to fulfill it.
Reportedly, the Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, given the complexity of the financial structures to construct and scale of the project to achieve, would have gone to the evidence, in the last month, he will likely change his rifle shoulder and accept that the City invest financially in the concrete and steel of the future Guertin arena. The scenarios should be presented to elected Tuesday in closed session. The law revealed last week, that the use of a private bill is one of the legal tools that the City plans to use.

Councilor and candidate for mayor in 2017, Sylvie Goneau, says the resolution adopted a year ago must be reversed and that Gatineau should contribute financially to the construction of the future home of the Olympics. Behind the scenes, several elected officials are also of this opinion.

This resolution, adopted 10 against 9, still provides for the demolition of the Robert-Guertin Center at the end of the 2017-2018 season of the Gatineau Olympiques. It was strongly denounced by the political opponents of the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin, but it remains in effect.

The Gatineau Olympiques were the first last Wednesday to put pressure on the City of Gatineau to it quickly revise the resolution and that it confirms that the demolition of the Robert-Guertin Center will be delayed the time it takes. The next day, the mayor opened the door to such a scenario.

Ms. Goneau added his two cents on Monday to 24 hours of presentation for elected officials, in private, the various options considered in the Guertin folder.

“The resolution said that Gatineau will not invest money in construction, the Quebec grant to be used to renovate our arenas and we must demolish Guertin in 2018, has she noted. This resolution is not realistic and it’s surprising that the mayor seems to have worked on proposals that go against the resolution that the council passed. The council must reverse this resolution. ”

The potential of the site Guertin

Sylvie Goneau also expects that the submission in closed session Tuesday includes the study of the current site of the development potential of the Guertin Arena.

“I hammered the last year and I expect it to be done, she insisted. I’ve always believed in the potential of this vast land. It underestimates, but we can look at what Ottawa has done with Lansdowne. Our site has incredible potential. Some developers have ideas that we never thought of and that combine two ice arenas, commercial spaces and residential offer. I hope we will be open to proposals like this. ”

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