Gartronomie to 75 meters high

plate-forme-entreprise-diner-entre(Orford) COMMENT: When I am four or five meters above the ground, I usually dizziness. But for some reason, the more I’m up in the air and I am less anxious. So I could enjoy without too much difficulty my experience on the platform of the company Dinner between heaven and earth Wednesday at the Estrimont Suites and Spa, Orford.

By Saturday, dozens of people have also the chance to sit on one of the 22 seats of the famous platform, raised by a powerful crane. They can taste local products, have some drinks and fun farm at a height of 75 meters.

Wednesday, once the climb ended, our group was treated to the wine produced by the Vineyard Orford and cheeses from the deemed Fromagerie station. wise choice in both cases.

Obviously, what we eat is not what holds the attention when your feet dangling in the void and cars, ground, appear become small Matchbox cars. And food becomes less important even when the wind starts to the game and the platform pivots slightly in one direction or the other.

co-owner Dinner between heaven and earth, Marcel Chalifoux was the center of the platform, secured with a harness. He had both the role of court jester, DJ and head of security. He wants to create an electric atmosphere and taking action to achieve this.

The view was stunning from the platform. In the south, we could see Lake Memphremagog and Mount Owl’s Head. While to the west we could see the Mont Orford and its multiple peaks. Nice way to finish a day’s work!

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