Garski gavial is one of the largest crocodiles in the world

This species of crocodile lives in the rivers of India, eating almost exclusively fish.

Гангський гавіал - один з найбільших крокодилів у світі

Garski gavial is a species of large reptiles of the order of crocodiles. Millions of years ago there were several types, today there is a Gharial is the only living representatives of the ancient family of Gharial, informs Rus.Media.

The Gharial is one of the largest modern crocodiles : males can reach 5-5.5-meter length. The average body length of males varies between 4-4.5 m, and females average 3-3.5 M. gavial Weighs 150-250 kg is, incidentally, not very many.

Hard skin-hard shell. Swims due to the presence between the fingers swimming membranes. Female Gharial paws dug pits. Face Gharial, compared to other crocodiles, narrow, dotted with more than a hundred teeth. The gavial has no lip which would prevent the penetration of water into the mouth. Protruding nostrils allow the animal to breathe while under water.
The males have the end of the nose is knobby excrescence, whose function has not been investigated. Perhaps it is a resonator, amplifying the sounds of the male in the mating season.
Gavial is not able to run with elevated body and tail, as do other crocodiles. He slowly creeps along the ground.
The jaws of the Gharial is well suited to implementation of fast attacks under water. Narrow mouth meets the resistance of the water, so the animal can rapidly can return it to the side and grab a fish that swims around, its very sharp teeth.

Гангський гавіал - один з найбільших крокодилів у світі

These animals live on the territory of the Indo-Gangetic plain and the Northern part of India. So if you are planning a vacation, say, in India, are advised to be prepared for unexpected encounters. The gharials choose quiet areas the murky deep waters of the fast flowing is the river Indus, the Brahmaputra, Ganges and others. Almost all the time the gharials spend in the water.

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Young gharials eat insects and small vertebrates, but as they grow up and food becomes more serious. Adults prey mostly on fish, less often on small mammals. For humans they are not dangerous. The gharials are not only not attacked, but, most likely, will not be frightened: they don’t know how to move quickly. Most often, these animals slowly creep on the earth.

The most favorite activity gurskogo Gharial – vigras in the sun. Sitting comfortably on a sandy island, crocodile taking a sun bath, but rarely when it is removed from the water.
Garski gavial – a cold-blooded animal and its body temperature depends on the ambient temperature. Crocodiles spend a cold night in the water. They hide under steep banks, where the warm air is delayed. During sleep, the gharials slowed metabolism and reduced oxygen consumption by the body.

The Gharial is listed in the Red book with the status “endangered species”. The people who coexist with these animals, considering Gharial as competitors (and they both eat fish); at the same time, meat, eggs and skins of crocodiles has always been highly valued by man. In the 1970’s, the species was close to extinction, but many populations are recovering.

Гангський гавіал - один з найбільших крокодилів у світі

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