Gardens of the Holy Trinity, victims of their success

plusieurs-lopins-terre-ete-personnalises(Granby) The gardens of the Holy Trinity, located on the property of the Centre Jean-Paul-Regimbal in Granby, are victims of their success. No fewer than 130 lots have been built, but the irrigation facilities are not sufficient to meet demand.

“This is the water war” launched the instigator of the project, Lionel Maltère. This was presented to the microphone at the last council meeting to appeal to the generosity of the people. Large format containers for storing water are actively sought. A message he repeated this week during a visit to The Eastern Voices on site, for a hot day.

Besides containers, the supply of hoses would also be appreciated. The needs are great. Some 100 community gardens and 30 community gardens, whose crops will be shared among a slew of organizations, rub on the vast portion of land available to gardeners by Jean-Paul Regimbal Centre. More than sixty barrels are placed here and there, near lots. But that is not enough, says Maltere, who spends most of his time in the garden.

Those who wish can make a donation through the Fathers of the Holy Trinity. A receipt for tax purposes will be issued, says CEO of the Centre Jean-Paul Regimbal, Alain Labonté.


To date, the gardens, which are among the largest of its kind in Quebec, according to Maltère, are supported by a vast outpouring of solidarity. Hundreds of vegetable plants and tools were offered to officials. By itself, the owner of Home Hardware Granby handed over 400 seed packets. A nice Samaritan repaired the engine tiller. Others have sponsored land parcels to some less fortunate gardeners do not have to pay the $ 20 normally required to grow a lot.

Therese Fournier, she gives of his time tirelessly to weed, supervise, mentor, manage the use of hoses and ensure compliance. “It’s like a second home. I feel good here, “argues the dedicated volunteer.

The Director General of the Centre Jean-Paul Regimbal says that such project was envisaged on the site, but lacked the resources to implement it. The meeting of Lionel Maltère, which itself was looking for a pitch, fell to the point. Alain Labonté believes that the Centre’s activities go very well with the gardens.

Next year, it is even considered a larger parcel of land is exploited, brief as the number of lots to be revised upwards. “The project is so popular,” says Councillor Robert Riel, who acted as an intermediary between the Trinitarian Fathers and Mr. Maltère.


The site does not lack interest. Some plots are real “art,” enthuses Lionel Maltère, fueled projects. Several plots of land have been customized. Some owners have registered their name or lot number, sometimes simply, sometimes more artistic way.

Gardeners do not hesitate to add flower pots, small fences or even a chair to sit issue and take the measure of time in the center of this green island. Green island that does not lack color, while the representatives of different cultures – Quebec, Africans, Turks, Algerians, etc. – It gardening together.

As the international clientele of Spiritual Healing house Jean Paul Regimbal Centre likes to discover the gardens, Lionel Maltère likes to say that they are already known overseas after a few months of existence only.

The place would attract so much curiosity and interest that the head gardener joked that a tourist guide will be hired next year to conduct tours.

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