Game of thrones: season 8 can reshoot, there was a hard ultimatum fans furious

Игра престолов: 8 сезон могут переснять, появился жесткий ультиматум, фанаты в ярости

Fans of the famous series “Game of thrones” has created a petition to reshoot season 8

It is reported by the resource “SUPER”. As reported, the fans have addressed with the requirement to HBO to make a copy of season 8 of the popular TV show. It is known that in a network there was a petition about the need to reshoot the ending of the series and this time bring the case to the “competent writers”.

Игра престолов: 8 сезон могут переснять, появился жесткий ультиматум, фанаты в ярости

“David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have shown the highest degree of incompetence when they had to work without relying on the source in the form of books. This series deserves a logical final of the season. HBO, justify our expectations and enjoy this issue!”, — reads the call of the fans, which left signatures already more than 40 thousand people. The discontent of the audience started to grow since the first series 8 of the season. The fans did not like the absurd death of characters, even more ridiculous dialogue and absolutely unacceptable, the rapid development of events. Note that a similar petition appeared after the failed “Justice League” of DC, the new trilogy of “Star wars” and many other projects, but remained at the level of angry rants on the Internet. Moreover, a retake of this project will require a lot of money, but because HBO harm if dare to this venture.

Игра престолов: 8 сезон могут переснять, появился жесткий ультиматум, фанаты в ярости

Earlier it was reported that scientists from the University of Frankfurt brought the formula to the popularity of the world-famous series.

The popular TV series “Game of thrones” is interesting not just spectators. For him, earnest pundits.

So, experts from the University of Frankfurt dare to name the reason for the popularity of the film. According to them, it’s curiosity, fear and involvement. This is the secret of the great popularity of the “Game”.

Also Professor of information systems and business administration Klaus Ernst added that every viewer in the series can find its character, with which he identifies himself.

An important factor of popularity is the unpredictability of the plot that causes the viewer with a strong curiosity and desire to look further.

Recall that the fans noticed a new unexpected goof in the new series the final season of the popular series “Game of Thrones”.

As reported Politeka, the leader of the white walkers — King of the Night in the TV series “Game of thrones” played by two actors.

Also Politeka wrote that the author of the books, which filmed TV series “Game of thrones”, said that there will be a sequel to the film adaptation of the acclaimed Saga.