Game of thrones: new infamous gaffe struck fans, “it is worse than a Cup”

Игра престолов: новый позорный ляп поразил фанатов, "это хуже стаканчика"

Fans noticed a new unexpected goof in the last episode of the final season of the popular series “Game of Thrones”

So, true fans of the series noticed in a promotional video for the 5 series of season 8 moment, which has crossed all that has happened with Jamie Lannister informed. So, in the frame Cersei finally meets the red lock of his twin brother and part-time lover, and they are touching hug on video, reports The Sun.

Игра престолов: новый позорный ляп поразил фанатов, "это хуже стаканчика"

However, fans noticed that in the shot you can see the second hand of the hero, which he lost in one of the previous seasons, seeing a Golden prosthesis. It should be noted that in the full version of this series there is no error – sketched. On the eve of the fourth series last season, the fans noticed the Cup of coffee from Starbucks, which appears multiple times in the frame with Daenerys Targaryen.

Previously the author of books on which filmed TV series “Game of thrones”, said that there will be a sequel to the film adaptation of the acclaimed Saga. From the popular series “Game of thrones” may be at least three spin-offs. About this in his blog wrote the author of a cycle of novels “a Song of Ice and fire” George Martin.

The writer said that HBO, which relieves the series, is currently developing five shows-sequels, and the three of them are “progressing very well”.

When Martin did not disclose the details of the new series, advised to get a copy of “Fire and blood” and to offer their own theories. The writer added that the shooting of one of the spin-offs could begin as early as this year, two more are under development scenario. The leader of the white walkers — King of the Night in the TV series “Game of thrones” played by two actors.

The first time the King of the Night appears in the fourth season, where the touch of a finger draws a newborn baby boy in the Other. The second time we see him in the fifth season of Harsh House — raising his hands, he makes to revive the wildlings, fallen in battle with the dead, what scares the shit out of John snow. Then the role was played by the British-American actor Richard Break, who starred in “Batman begins”, “Doom” and “Thor 2: the Kingdom of darkness.”

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