Galkina criticized for family photo: “You must be young”

Галкина раскритиковали из-за семейного фото: "С Вами должна быть молодая"

The young husband of the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva, showman Maxim Galkin pleased subscribers new photos and videos with his little daughter Elizabeth and son Harry

Galkin posted a new photo to his page in the social network Instagram. The picture shows the artist with children walking in the village (the family lives in the exclusive village of Dirt in the suburbs). The post caused an extraordinary stir.

Галкина раскритиковали из-за семейного фото: "С Вами должна быть молодая"

Many users admired Galkin-man, however, there were those who wrote that this to such a sweet family does not fit 70-year-old mother.

“Sorry, max, with all due respect to you, I would love to see you with a young wife…”, “For children mother – like a grandmother” “Good one hundred of them dad, though young on the same wavelength as they say, and my mother’s grandmother,” the commentators write.

Галкина раскритиковали из-за семейного фото: "С Вами должна быть молодая"

Also Maxim Galkin posted a family video. It children run through a meadow near the lake, and Alla is sitting in the shade on a tree branch.

“There are moments when I feel connected with the land on which he grew up. The smell of herbs in the air, the splash of oars on water, the voices of birds, children’s voices will bring me to the memories of childhood and from there as if still further to the memory of those who lived here before me. The same feelings in me creates ingenious Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Several days from the life of Oblomov”. One of the songs Edward Artemiev, sounding there, called “memory of the heart”. Rather not say — the memory of the heart. This is probably our very Russian trait, when you look at the luscious greens of home field advantage and running on it the kids, you feel an inexplicable light longing for the passing moment.”- signed movie Galkin.

“God bless you and your family!”, “What about all sincere,touching,and fabulously,”, “Even I was carried away somewhere far away, maybe, too, in childhood. Very deeply and sensuously happened,” “I Have chills from this VIDOS . Cool”, “This space. Somewhere far away from people and bustle. Where reigns idyll. Divinely,” admired by fans of family harmony, overwhelming this video.

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