Galkin told about the divorce with Alla Pugacheva

Галкин рассказал о разводе с Пугачевой

The singer commented on the rumors about the divorce with the Russian pop Diva. Earlier Galkina was suspected of treason.

Russian comedian and entertainer Maxim Galkin answered the question about divorce with his wife Alla Pugacheva. This man said in an interview on the show Russian rapper Basta GazLive. The release appeared on the official YouTube channel of “Gazgolder”.

During a conversation in the show, Galkin was asked to comment on the rumors about the divorce of Alla Pugacheva. The comedian said that the search for a young wife and “catch up,” he’s not going to. Galkin also said that Alla in good health, and he hopes to always remain with one wife one that he has now.

Galkin also answered the question about the age difference. The man noted that it is not the first year living with jokes about their Pugacheva age. And added that he loves this woman, not her age or elderly ladies.

Rumors about the divorce Daws on Pugacheva appeared in the beginning of October 2018. Galkin is accused of cheating on his wife with ex-wife of footballer Andrei Arcania Yulia Baranovskaya.

On the eve of Pugacheva has cancelled a concert due to illness. The singer did not specify which illness prevented her from singing.

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