Galkin leaked personal correspondence with Pugacheva: “I Send pictures”

Галкин слил личную переписку с Пугачевой: «Присылала фотографии»

Famous Russian stage actor and husband of Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin gave a candid interview with blogger Nastia Ivlieva, in which he spoke about the details of personal life and work

“We mostly communicate with smiles. Well, now, “was the flight okay”, “doroli”, kisses. She also kisses me back. Here it was photos of the daughter from the show. It often happens that I call Hello, and she’s out of reach. Just in our village connection is bad, you can’t always get through. I call her, and I often out-of-area”, — said Galkin on video.

Галкин слил личную переписку с Пугачевой: «Присылала фотографии»

“Here it is — love,” replied Ivlieva to such a blatant and little confession.

According to him, Pugachev often sends him pictures and videos of children, but long texting rarely. Earlier Galkin posted a cute family video in which the Diva plays with children on musical instruments. The comedian posted on his personal account in Instagram a video where Alla and their children – twins Lisa and Harry – in the shadows create art.

Diva plays the famous piano motif, and the children help who than can. Harry struggled blowing a whistle, and Lisa slaps her hands on the keys next to the star mother.

“Family of psychedelic variations on the music of Edvard Grieg. Nervous musical natures not to watch”, signed Galkin under the video.

Fans of vengeance began to comment on the new post humorist, responded even well-known TV presenter Elena Malysheva. Her creativity kids Diva had to taste.

Галкин слил личную переписку с Пугачевой: «Присылала фотографии»

“I think this is the best option love of music. When music is near and it is possible to transform, to change and to love. Grieg would have been pleased,” wrote Malysheva.

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