Gaitan shone of juicy cherries in a revealing neckline, “I Love”

Гайтана засветила сочные черешенки в откровенном декольте: «Обожаю»

Ukrainian singer Gaitana has decided to tease the new subscribers in the revealing outfit

The posted in her Instagram.

“Rain drop”, — stated in the message.

On the published frame Gaitan posing in transparent outfit, putting on a show of their “the cherries”. The picture is in black and white color, special shape of its forms. This provoked a strong reaction from users.

Гайтана засветила сочные черешенки в откровенном декольте: «Обожаю»

“Love this song”, “I’m not ashamed”, “I know it’s stupid, but nothing changes,” they write.

As previously reported, the singer Gaitana has published family photos from the personal archive.

Popular Ukrainian singer Gaitan, who became famous after performance of the hits “Samotnia boss” and “Sldom for you”, recently less stands in the vastness of his native country. The actress took the pseudonym Essami and went on to conquer the West. Along with the new stage in the work came to her and a new image.

However, in family life, Gaitan prefers stability. And though the singer doesn’t like to advertise personal, sometimes it still appears in public with her husband — producer Alex Smart.

So, Gaitana has published on his page in Instagram fresh photo on which poses together with a loved one. Singer chose to shoot a short dress with a floral print, and her husband Aleksandr — shorts and t-shirts.

Гайтана засветила сочные черешенки в откровенном декольте: «Обожаю»

“With my husband I feel safe 💜 He cares about me and considers me his best friend. Yes, we are not perfect and can fall out) But still, I feel the love. And politics must be like a family. Have a good day”, — has signed a frame of the star.

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In the comments a few have been getting compliments. They inspire Network users

“What a bright and harmonious couple! Wish you happiness and creative UPS!”, “Your songs about him?..”, “A beautiful couple — be happy!”, “Let it be so! Favorite happy,” “Let everything be okay!” “You look beautiful”, “Happiness to You, a good pair”.

Гайтана засветила сочные черешенки в откровенном декольте: «Обожаю»

Recall that Gaitan showed how her daughter plays the piano

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