Fyodor Bondarchuk became the “Man of the year” by Glamour magazine

On the eve of the Russian capital hosted the 13th annual award ceremony “woman of the year – 2017” according to a popular glossy magazine Glamour. This year the award went to the popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda.

But the “Man of the year” gloss recognized the famous Russian actor and Director Fyodor Bondarchuk. This year he made the film “Gravity”, which became the highest grossing movies among Russian films, and has produced several notable projects.

It is noteworthy that the girlfriend of Director – actress Paulina Andreeva “threw” the elect in this important moment. At the ceremony Bondaruk appeared not with her but with the singer Glucose, which has long been friendly with the family of the meter the national cinema.

Natalia Ionova explained after the event on my Instagram, Paulina, with whom she had become friends after the divorce of the actor and his wife Svetlana Bondarchuk was unable to attend the ceremony, as he is now touring with his theatre.

The singer also congratulated his friend’s victory.

“Of course, we always knew you were the best, and today it’s just been confirmed. A powerful Director, and a sensitive person, loyal friend and a beautiful man, congrats! 💪”, – she wrote in the comments to a short video from the red carpet.

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