Funny story, as a ginger cat introduced me to my husband

I love animals, but my love since early childhood, was, are and will be males.

Весела історія, як рудий кіт познайомив мене з моїм чоловіком

So once I moved in, I immediately got myself 2 wonderful kittens, one ginger, on the street, picked up, and the other Blue, its my friends housewarming presented, informs Rus.Media.

It so happened that the Blue I was taken for castration, and Ginger and “the hand was raised”. I lived on the first floor, so my ginger cat freely came and went out the window when he wanted, and thoroughbred sat all day at home and on the street it is not pulled. So my friends and called them: a red cat – man, and a pedigree – a son.

Once the Institute was not couples and my friend who studied with me in one group, decided to talk on Skype. Like, no one’s in there, why not take the opportunity?

In General, got in touch and started chatting about this and that, the themes could be different, right down to where to buy immediately crushed granite, after crushed granite might need her uncle, in General, diverse communication, and accidentally touched my “tail of the family”.

She asks me, how are my cats, I do it completely without a second thought and saying, “well, her husband was partying 4 days home came, we all came down son, searched for him everywhere, but he only arrived this morning, ate, and lay down to sleep, he will bring me exactly kastrou!”

And my voice is loud, and even a speaker in the computer is good.

And it turned out that my whole sob story I heard of hers, who at that time in the room drinking coffee. As they say: the most epic failures in our lives happen suddenly!

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Here this young man just runs up to the computer and almost starts to shout: “Girl, sweetheart, well, you are so beautiful, you have a son already, well, you rejected your husband, or who is he to you, I do not have him neutered, this is a matter for the courts!”

Then the guy looked at our friend and laugh a tantrum, and when we told him who is who in this story, too, laughed.

By the way, the story is not over yet, 3 years later Alexei was the name of the friend of my girlfriend got married. My cats still live with us, and our beloved red-haired cat, so no the vet didn’t take.

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