Funny characters in The Pulperie

voici-belle-brochette-humanite-seviraThey have a funny look with their straight hair like an old mop and teeth that would not look in the mouth of a hippopotamus. The four characters present at the Jardin des Vestiges on Wednesday in favor of a press conference convened by the Chicoutimi Pulp, are not on the eve of Panache haunt the festival.

Played by Sophie Larouche, Melanie Potvin Gervais Arcand and Eric Chalifour, these individuals are the big news of the summer program at the site. After a year’s absence, in fact, the theater will return through A trio of medieval farces, a production of Theatre 100 Masks offered from 5 July to 24 August.

Spectators will discover three works conceived in France in the 15th century: The farce of the chest, the stuffing of the pet and the stuffing of the pie and the pie. They will be presented on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 20 h 30, inside the building, 1912.

“What made people laugh at the time is close to the humorous form practiced here by the Poune and Manda Parent. These are stories of stepmothers, pairs of baffles, women dominate their husbands. It’s very funny, “says the general and artistic director of Théâtre 100 Masques, Dario Larouche.

Two excerpts presented by the actors show why such works amused the common man. Played in public squares, near the castles and of the court, they depict the harsh characters gain, especially as they live in a state of absolute poverty. Some are detestable, or other silly bitches.

“This is the first time since the founding of the company we do not spend the summer at the Murdock Hall. We are happy to plant our household gods to Pulperie The three truculent texts the burlesque of the Middle Ages, “says Dario Larouche.

Humor, movies and singing

Another change in the programming of the Pulperie focuses on comedy shows. Instead of putting forward three stars of emerging artists, as was the case in 2015, management has opted for a single appointment. It will be on 17 July, while François Massicotte will offer unprecedented numbers.

Also will perform at Building 1912, even where, on Monday evening, we continue the tradition of film-pulp. Seven programs available for free will be on the agenda, from 11 July to 22 August. “There are 250 places and often it is full,” says Rémi Lavoie, assistant general manager of The Pulperie.

Thursday, themselves, will be devoted to the vocal art. Between July 21 and August 25, Mario Vézina return with five performances that showcases the crooners, the French song, succession, and the country, always at 19 pm. The first appointment will hear Sophia Rose Boulanger, who attended the show The Voice.

“This is my fourth season and I find it incredible to see people arrive from 18 h to get the best seats,” says Mario Vézina. Once again, we speak of free activity, which is also the case lyric Destination, an initiative of the Lyric Art Society of the Kingdom.

The new CEO of this organization, Sabrina Ruiz-Bourassa announced that the programs will be available on July 17 and August 11, 20 h 30. In both cases, we will find craftsmen The Barber of Seville, the excellent opera that was presented last winter, at the Théâtre National Bank of Chicoutimi.

Accompanied by pianist Perri Lo, mezzo-soprano originally from Chambord interpret melodies inspired by Spain at the initial appointment. For its part, the vocal group Éklectik address the English and French repertoire, while making a detour to the “barbershop quartets.”

Note that one of its members, baritone Robert Huard, also participated in the Barber of Seville. He camped the role of Bartolo.

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