Funeral of Jean Rochefort : Mylène Farmer, Guillaume Canet… The world of the arts gathered for a final tribute – Here

See the diaporamaCe Friday, October 13, at 14: 30 in the church of St. Thomas Aquinas, many celebrities gathered to pay a last tribute to Jean Rochefort, who disappeared on 9 October.

The announcement of the death of Jean Rochefort, last Monday, many are those who have experienced the penalty. Therefore, the tributes were very numerous : first, there was Mercy, his youngest daughter, then his son Peter, but also many stars that are split in a message on social networks. Mylène Farmer, who appreciated a lot the actor very attached to mustache, wrote him a letter vibrant in the columns of the Point in which she told how much she admired the actor that she compared without blushing to ” a work of art “.

This Friday, at 14: 30, a ceremony was held in the church of St. Thomas d’aquin in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, located in the heart of the district where he resided. In this former monastery with baroque architecture, which gathered many actors like Jean-Paul Belmondo, supported by his son Paul and Luana Belmondo, Guy Bedos, Sandrine Kiberlain, or Guillaume Canet. Personalities from the world of music were also present. In addition to his friend Mylène Farmer, the singer Vincent Delerm was also came to honor the memory of this man with whom he had filmed a clip, Under the avalanche. Many anonymous were also massed behind barriers to greet him one last time this actor popular and beloved of all.

Check out all the photos from the farewell ceremony for Jean Rochefort in our slideshow.

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