Funded pension system: reducing the age of retirement for some people

In Ukraine will reduce the retirement age for people in hazardous occupations.

Накопичувальна пенсійна система: зниження віку виходу на пенсію для деяких громадян

Accumulative pension system, which is set to launch the Ministry of social policy, provides for lowering the age of retirement for certain categories of citizens, in particular those who were involved in hazardous occupations, informs Rus.Media.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of social policy Mykola Shambir.

He noted that in the context of reform, the government will release the enterprise from having to reimburse pensions to its former employees.

At the moment, according to government officials, enterprises with an increased level of harm receive a “undue burden” because of the need to transfer funds to the PFC.

“A man who worked in harmful conditions, to retire early, but not at the expense of today, in my opinion, a backward system when the company recovers, pension, Pension Fund, and the funded system. It is now often the company has to pay pension for employee who worked 5-10-20 years ago. It is definitely a negative element, because it is the load on the enterprise”, – said the representative of the Ministry of social policy.

Currently in Ukraine to retire at 60 years of age can enter only those citizens who have gained enough years of employment to obtain the minimum pension. Those who have seniority is not enough, will be eligible to retire in only 63 years, and those who did not pay ERUs to 65.

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