Fun Games You Can Play Online with Groups of People

Playing games with a group of pals is a lot of fun, regardless of how physically close or far you are to them. And having fun isn’t just for kids; adults who play online games are shown to benefit from anything from stress reduction to enhanced overall well-being that we all need in these difficult times. There are also this prank call website you could try for a more hilrarious time!

When it comes to bringing every one of your squad together, finding a game that everyone enjoys might be difficult. So, here are a few games to play with your groups online.

Remote Insensitivity

Remote Insensitivity, a free online variation of Cards Against Humanity, is one of the virtual card games available on When it’s your time, pick a prompt card, and the others should fill in the blanks or answer the question using one of their response cards. You vote for your favorite response, and the person who gets the most votes wins the round.

After you click “Start Game” on this page, you’ll be given a unique URL, which you can share with your group to invite them to play. Although six players are the maximum advised amount, you can technically add more by clicking on the suitcase symbol on the left side of your screen.


There’s no stopping you from having a good time with Charades. You’re free to play this game to your heart’s content even if you, your pals, and your family aren’t physically together, in isolation, or killing boredom.

To stay connected, you can use a variety of video conferencing apps. Play Charades with your video calls to make them more exciting. Zoom is an excellent option because it requires little setup and is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Organize a Zoom meeting and distribute the unique meeting ID to the attendees. Then, on the given time and date, have everybody log in to their accounts and enter the room. Once everything is in order, you can play Charades following the same rules as before!

Use Charade generators like and TheGameGal.Com if you want a smoother and faster game.


Kahoot! is an excellent tool for instructors who would like to conduct live quiz sessions for their students or post online quizzes, and it’s also a perfect method to keep your regular trivia tradition going when the bars are closed. You may host a trivia game involving up to ten participants for free with a basic Kahoot! account. You can choose from various pre-made quizzes, which you can filter by grade level and subject, or you can make your own.

You’ll be given a numerical code to send to the other players after clicking “Play,” “Host,” and then “Classic,” which they can input through the Kahoot! app or at Your friends will answer the questions on their devices, but the questions will appear on your (the host’s) screen; therefore, you’ll need to video chat with them and share your screen with them as well.

girl playing Kahoot! On an iPas, desk, classroom, school supplies, chairs, students


Quiplash works similarly to Kahoot! in that you email your pals a code (which they enter at Jackbox.TV) and then share your screen with them through video chat so they can view the prompts and respond on their own devices. Players are given a foolish prompt—for example, “an ingenious approach to get rid of head lice”—which they must respond to in the most ridiculous, creative way imaginable.

The other members vote for their favorite of two answers that are anonymously put on the screen.


Psych! is a free game from the creators of Heads Up! in which you try to fool your friends by creating fake answers to real knowledge questions about entertainment, animals, and more. You don’t need to share your screen to play Psych!, but video conferencing with your pals during the game will make it feel more like a real game night.


Scrabble GO is a great way to get your Scrabble fix, but now has a desktop version of the game, which you can play with up to three friends. After you’ve created free accounts for yourself and your friends:

  • Go to your account page.
  • Click “Friends” in the top menu bar.
  • Input your friends’ screen names to establish a friends list.

When you launch a Scrabble game, you can invite your friends to play with you.

video conference


Taboo is a fun guessing game with flair! To kill your loneliness and boredom, you can join a video call on an online website or software at a predetermined time. Go to a Zoom party, split the attendees into two groups, take turns exchanging screens, and try to score a point without using any of the forbidden phrases!

To make your Taboo cards online, go to PlayTaboo.Com. It includes a scoresheet, an instant Taboo card, and a timer that you can use to play the game remotely.