Frost will fall on Ukraine, weather, strike: “do not be afraid of snow”

Заморозки обрушатся на Украину, погода готовит удар: "не пугайтесь снега"

This spring, the weather in Ukraine will surprise

The Ukrainians said that expect frost in may.

This writes the forecaster Natalia Didenko:

“People! Don’t be scared of snow! The Germans, the Italians, the French are not afraid, but we already are frightening-frightening…”.

Sudden “winter surprise” in the middle of the spring and spoil the mood of the fans the heat in Ukraine will not last long:

“Was the movement of cold Arctic air masses from the North and at the same time her meeting with wet rainy storm from the South. That is, the heavy rains of a cyclone from the South entered the cold air and the low temperature has turned into snow, ” — said the expert.

Заморозки обрушатся на Украину, погода готовит удар: "не пугайтесь снега" Заморозки обрушатся на Украину, погода готовит удар: "не пугайтесь снега"

In the Western regions of Ukraine will get warmer tomorrow:

“Precipitation here will cease.”

8 may in the West of the country the day we should expect to + 11 + 14 degrees. The next night there is frost 0-3 degrees.

In the North, Ukraine and most Central areas significantly colder:

“It is expected + 9 + 12 degrees”.

In the Central regions of the places will be rain, and in Dnipropetrovsk — wait for thunderstorms. In the North and in the Centre of likely strong wind “.

In the southern part rains will alternate with sun light.

“Here in the regions will be windy. In the Odessa region and in Crimea + 10 + 15 degrees, in nikolayevshchina and hersonshchina + 12 + 17 degrees, in the Zaporozhye region of up to +20 + 23 degrees.”

In the East of Ukraine — as always lately — restless:

“Tomorrow is going to go atmospheric front. May 8, rains, thunder storms. The temperature will reach during the day + 19 + 24 degrees.”

A Day of remembrance and reconciliation in the capital of Ukraine will be cool:

“The temperature will not exceed 12 degrees. Expected weather without precipitation “.

Recall that in Ukraine on Easter, snow fell.

As reported Politeka, weather upset Ukrainians: much colder, more accurate forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather division of Ukraine: the present summer and cold.