From Zelensky will revise the “odious purpose” Poroshenko: plan is ready

У Зеленского пересмотрят "одиозные назначения" Порошенко: план уже готов

Advisor to President-elect Vladimir Zelensky, a former Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that the future President will reconsider the “controversial decision” and the appointment of the incumbent

“Our team Zelensky keeps track of all appointments (Poroshenko). Controversial decision will reconsider. You have to understand that the people assigned to the outgoing administration in the last week of work, a priori, have less confidence — how will they work? It’s called “to live on-new”,” — said danyluk.

To date, the team Zelensky already had been collaborating with the Center for combating corruption and other public organizations. Danyluk also announced the restart of the recruitment of judges of the Supreme Court, which recently appointed Petro Poroshenko.

У Зеленского пересмотрят "одиозные назначения" Порошенко: план уже готов

“We plan to restart the recruitment and certification of judges. Discretionary appointment of judges of the Supreme Court, the outgoing President in the last days of his term, the integrity of which was causing issues. Judges of the Supreme court, which was deemed unfair, it is unacceptable. The calculation is that the new President will be busy with other matters, not before”, — said the adviser Zelensky.

May 10, Zelensky wrote an appeal to Parliament in which he demanded to appoint his inauguration on may 19. Along the way, he accused the incumbent President in the reshuffle of the high command of the army, broadcasting, the court. Poroshenko responded by stating that the President seeks to implement peredachu authorities in the European tradition.

Danyluk also said that the priority action plan of the new President is ready on 95%.

“I would rate the readiness of 95%. This document, which is painted step by step, what are we going to do,” says danyluk.

He noted that today among the key priorities Zelensky was the fight against corruption and “restore order” in the judicial system.

У Зеленского пересмотрят "одиозные назначения" Порошенко: план уже готов

Recall that trump put Zelensky harsh conditions.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky will have to declare war: “it is difficult to win”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has again appealed to Poroshenko, is a strong statement.