From Zelensky want to cancel the home tax! Ukrainians get rich: what is known

У Зеленского хотят отменить главный налог! Украинцы разбогатеют: что известно

Military tax can be repealed and it will positively affect the economy of the country

This writes the commentator

As you know, about the possible cancellation of the military training said the head of the PP Andrey Bogdan. He is confident that this decision will positively affect the national economy

У Зеленского хотят отменить главный налог! Украинцы разбогатеют: что известно

“The issue of the budget. If the economy will grow. And she has already started to grow. You know that GDP for the second quarter to 4.7%, which was not before in Ukraine,” said Bohdan, but the exact timing of the abolition of the tax is not called.

As you know, military duty is a tax on profit at the rate of 1,5% from incomes of physical persons, which was introduced by Parliament in August 2014 for additional financing of military expenditures. Parliament assumed that it will be effective until 1 January 2015 but it was extended with the phrase “to complete the reform of the armed forces”.

Under the law, a military fee is not imposed on the following payments: alimony; pensions, if their value does not exceed 10 living wage for disabled persons; scholarships, provided that their value does not exceed the amount determined by the first paragraph of subparagraph 169.4,1 paragraph 169.4 of article 169 of the TCU; unemployment benefits and maternity leave; the income of the FLP, received in result of economic activities, provided that they are payers of single tax; one-time financial assistance (to a wedding, death of a relative, etc.); cash security of servicemen.

But the restriction has not prevented during the existence of the military duty to transfer to the budget more than 69,5 billion. According to the Treasury only in 2019 in the Treasury received more than 12.6 billion. Thus, in case of cancellation of military training Ukrainians “get rich”, because in the pockets of each year would be about 10-20 billion.

У Зеленского хотят отменить главный налог! Украинцы разбогатеют: что известно

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