From Zelensky said, when will dissolve Parliament: “Just needed”

У Зеленского сообщили, когда распустят Раду: "Просто необходимо"

The team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky are prepared to take drastic measures against the Verkhovna Rada

This was stated by former Minister of Finance and the representative future of the guarantor Alexander danyluk. He called the conditions for the dissolution of Parliament during an interview with

According to the former official, Vladimir Zelensky and his supporters are ready to cooperate with the current Verkhovna Rada. But MPs will have to make concessions. The most obvious way Alexander Danilyuk called political bargaining: “this is easy, but weak, and the most expensive, in terms of reputation and opportunities for the development of the country.” The adviser insists on a different way to achieve the desired laws:

У Зеленского сообщили, когда распустят Раду: "Просто необходимо"

“I believe in a different approach. From Zelensky is something that no one — the support and confidence of 73% of voters. And it’s the only thing it needs to rely on in working with the Parliament. The other is to weaken,” — said Alexander danyluk.

The representative team is sure that Vladimir Zelensky should go to the Verkhovna Rada an ultimatum and to suggest personnel changes or new bills. For example, anti-corruption. MPs will have to vote in their support. Otherwise, the newly elected President plans to force the MP to explain his position to voters.

“We need to make important decisions were taken. Why working to dissolve the Parliament? And unemployed – are necessary,” — said Alexander danyluk during the interview. He also said that we need to turn sweepolet deputies in their future to lose in the upcoming parliamentary elections. To help should call the Ukrainian people: “to enlist the support of civil society, which has learned to put pressure on the government. I remember adopting the law on NABOO. Activists were sitting in the Lodge guests of the Parliament with the tomatoes and was preparing to use them against those who were going to vote against.”

У Зеленского сообщили, когда распустят Раду: "Просто необходимо"

Alexander Danilyuk said that the team newly elected President is confused due to the uncertain date of the inauguration. In his opinion, their decisions, the Parliament spoil diplomatic relations with leaders of other countries, who still can’t plan business trips to Ukraine:

“We want to hold the inauguration at the proper level with the presence of international leaders. Without planning can not do. Prevents the uncertainty makes it difficult for foreign leaders planning the schedule for the visit to Ukraine. Happy playing the game than spoil the reputation of the country.”

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