From what should be discarded to avoid cancer

От чего нужно отказаться, чтобы избежать раковых заболеваний

According to statistics, cancer is among the three leaders in the number of deaths. In the first place are cardiovascular diseases, followed by injuries. Cancer mortality in the world is 15 %

What you need to say “No”

1. Refined oil.

2. Milk of animal origin, except home.

3. Food cubes.

4. Soda.

От чего нужно отказаться, чтобы избежать раковых заболеваний

5. Microwave ovens

6. Mammography prior to delivery in addition to images.

7. Too tight underwear (bra).

8. Alcohol.

9. Defrosted food.

10. The water from the fridge in plastic bottles.

11. Contraceptive pills.

12. Deodorants (dangerous especially used after shaving).

13. Sugar in any form (cancer cells feed mainly on sugar). Cancer patients, eliminating sugar from your diet, see that the disease is gone and can live a long time. Sugar is the mortal enemy.

От чего нужно отказаться, чтобы избежать раковых заболеваний

Say a resounding “Yes”

1. Vegetables.

2. Honey in moderation instead of sugar.

3. Plant proteins (beans instead of meat).

4. Two glasses of water on an empty stomach before you brush your teeth.

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5. Warm food, not hot.

6. Anti-cancer juice No. 1: aloe Vera, ginger, parsley, celery, bromalin (middle of the pineapple). Mix and drink on an empty stomach.

7. Anti-cancer juice # 2: the Soursop or guanabana (seedless), premarin (middle of the pineapple).

8. Raw or cooked carrots or fresh carrot juice every day.

От чего нужно отказаться, чтобы избежать раковых заболеваний

Recommendations note

1. Do not drink tea from a plastic dish.

2. Don’t eat anything hot from a paper or plastic bag.

3. Do not warm up in the microwave food in plastic containers.

4. Don’t drink medication with cold water.

5. Don’t eat heavy food after 17.00.

6. Drink more water in morning, less in the evening.

7. Do not take a horizontal position immediately after eating and using drugs.

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