From lung disease to cancer: as the debris destroys our lives

От поражения легких до рака: как мусор разрушает нашу жизнь

Garbage is destroying our lives. Incorrect handling causes damage to the lungs, nervous system, kidneys and liver and even cancer

According to the world Bank, every year humanity produces more than 2 billion tons of garbage a day, which averages about 800 grams per person. Moreover, experts predict that with the current pace of generation wastes, their number can grow to nearly 3.5 billion tons just before 2050. This was announced by acting Minister of health Suprun.

“Waste rotting in landfills pollute the oceans and destroy ecosystems. Of course, this has a negative impact on our health,” said Suprun.

От поражения легких до рака: как мусор разрушает нашу жизнь

According to her, it is especially dangerous to live in areas near landfills. In one study, it was discovered that this “neighbourhood” increases the risk of respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Harmful effects can have gases that evaporate from the landfill, and a lot of toxic substances that pollute the air and the surrounding areas.

“In most countries with low income, over 90% of waste just rots in landfills or incinerated. Such treatment may cause spread of infectious diseases and increases the risk of respiratory diseases, especially in children and the elderly. In particular, during open burning of waste can release toxic substances — dioxins, and furan. Them is associated with a high risk of lung disease, nervous system, kidneys and liver, and even the emergence of certain types of cancer, ” writes the head of the Ministry of health.

However, garbage and waste can be used wisely. In many countries of the world have long wondered how to avoid turning the planet into a large garbage can and keep the health of the population. The garbage is processed into resources that can be used again, and even produce energy.

“Of course, the treatment of waste is not only a matter. In order for it to not cause damage to the environment, the state should create favorable and comfortable conditions for everyone to properly dispose of,” admits the official.

От поражения легких до рака: как мусор разрушает нашу жизнь

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“A large number of debris — a global problem. However it requires local effort. Everyone can at least try to sort out the garbage or try to make him less”, — summed up Suprun.

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