From London to new York in two hours: Boeing will create a supersonic airliner

Из Лондона в Нью-Йорк за два часа: Boeing создаст сверхзвуковой авиалайнер

While in Kiev thinking about hyperloop and the launch of metro troyeschina in the world, miracles happen. The predicted time of flight will be able to surpass the record of transatlantic transition of commercial aircraft Concorde in 2 hours 52 minutes.

Boeing revealed plans created by a supersonic airliner with a capacity of 3800 miles per hour, which can fly from London to new York in just 2 hours, informs

This is stated on the page in FB Kiev Airport.

The engineers at Boeing unveiled a new concept plane that can fly five times the speed of sound.

Boeing is working on plans to create a supersonic passenger aircraft which will reduce the journey time between London and new York to about two hours. This achievement will allow aircraft to travel across the Atlantic in about 120 minutes while flight across the Pacific ocean to take about three hours.

And although the projected cost of flights a lot — from 2500 $, talking about booking tickets too early. Boeing claims that the aircraft will be used only by the end of 2030 years, and the company warned that the project may last over ten years.

In recent months, the company has intensified its research in the issue of hypersonic flight submitting projects for military aircraft surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), is able to achieve even greater results

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