From Lazarev lost his nerve: “So you have the cat has got your tongue”

У Лазарева сдали нервы: «Чтоб у вас язык отсох»

The singer Sergey Lazarev attacked journalists who wrote about the accident with the singer

The Russian artist made a awesome title.

Performer Sergey Lazarev lost his temper and attacked Russian journalists cursing. The reason for such violent outbursts were the materials in Internet publications, telling about how the singer got in an accident.

У Лазарева сдали нервы: «Чтоб у вас язык отсох»

The reaction of the stars was terrible, because he read on the Internet about the head, which led him in shock.

“Asleep at the wheel Sergey Lazarev crashed in an accident” – the news with such a terrible title caught the eye of the singer.

The artist is rightly indignant and did not hold myself back. “Dolby**s! Below you withered and fallen off for these headers!”, — with great indignation, wrote Lazarev in stories of his page in Instagram.

Recall that the tired singer was returning from a tour. He fell asleep at the wheel at a traffic light and collided with another car.

Lazarev notes that this case was a good lesson for him. Now the artist is trying to be very careful on the road and carefully observe traffic rules. While the exact date of the accident, the singer calls.

“I figured it was a signal that you need to take the driver. I have a lot of moving, I don’t really sleep, so driving is risky. But I love driving it gives me pleasure. Before driving I was listening to music. Now at least it turns out to do,” said the artist.

36-year-old Lazarev was injured, but many journalists to attract readers “embellished” accident.

As we wrote earlier, the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been living and working in Russia, amazed the fans in a new way.

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Despite the fact that the singer had a rather difficult period of it early in the year she divorced her husband, Turkish businessman, the star has struggled to lead an active social life and shares on social networks only of their own achievements or concert shots, showing that she is okay. And recently, star in the whole world, said about their new relationship.

У Лазарева сдали нервы: «Чтоб у вас язык отсох»

At this time, lorac decided to warm up interest of public to the person. On his page in the social network actress posted a new photo, which poses in a stylish but fairly modest Luca.

As you can see, Lorak appeared in front of the camera whether backstage or in the Studio. There star came in a modest sports Luka – her black sports pants slinky and loose black t-shirt with bright print. In the hand of lorac’s holding a glass of drink, and in the caption to the photo she asks: “So tea or coffee?”. The first photo commented Sergey Lazarev: “it’s not what, and with whom”.

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

As reported Politeka, lorac lit chest before Lazarev, forgetting about the new boyfriend: “When will you get married?”

Also Politeka wrote, Ani Lorak surprised rounded belly