From +11 to +25: the weather on Monday will satisfied with Ukrainians douche

От +11 до +25: погода в понедельник устроит украинцам контрастный душ

Weather in Ukraine on may 6, promises Ukrainians thunderstorms and cool, lucky today, only residents of the East and the Zaporozhye region, where forecasters predict the sun and heat

According to the meteorologist, the weather in Ukraine may 6, will force the Ukrainians to remember about warm clothes, especially cold touch of the West, where tomorrow a day not more than + 8-10 heat. The high temperature on Monday is expected in the East, here today to +25.

Especially weather forecasters predict heavy precipitation in the territory of Rivne, Volyn and Lviv regions, the other regions of Ukraine, except the East and Zaporizhzhya region — thunderstorms and a little rain.

Speed South East wind 6 may reach 7-12 m/s.

Further details about what will be the weather in Ukraine may 6:

Western region today will be abundantly watered thunderstorms. Night 7-9, the day 8-10 of heat.

In Carpathian mountains on may 6 are expected strong storm rains. Day and night air temperature +3-5 heat.

От +11 до +25: погода в понедельник устроит украинцам контрастный душ

Weather in Ukraine on may 6

On the North, Ukraine on Monday, forecasters predict thunderstorms. + 10-12 night, 18-20.

Hot and Sunny will be may 6 at the territory of Eastern regions. According to forecasts of Hydrometeorology, here is expected Sunny weather and heat. Night 8+-10 day +23-25 heat.

In the centre today, forecasters predict thunderstorms. Night temperature +10-12, day + 20-22.

+ 11-13 night, 18-20, thunderstorms — this will be the weather today for the South of Ukraine.

On the Crimean Peninsula on may 6, according to weather forecasts, rains and thunderstorms. + 9-11 at night, + 18-20.

Weather in Kyiv on 6 may will be warm but wet. In the capital is expected today thunderstorms. + 10-12 night + day 15-17.

The highest temperature in Kyiv on may 6, was recorded in 1954 — +29.7 heat, the lowest — in 1915 — -2 temperatures, according to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine.

От +11 до +25: погода в понедельник устроит украинцам контрастный душ

Weather in Ukraine on may 6

In the folk calendar may 6 — St. George’s day. On this day, the shepherds drove the sheep and cows in the pasture. It is believed that on may 6, flying swallows, may beetles appear and there comes the real spring.

On St. George’s day farmers staged mass celebrations, were treated and gave gifts to the shepherds to look after the herd. And the girls on may 6, was praying that Yuri sent him a good husband.

Folk omens on may 6:

  • Warm weather on the jury, the summer will be hot.
  • Mosquitoes may 6, flock — in the next few days will be warm weather.
  • North wind on the jury, the fall will be early frosts.

We will remind, weather forecast for the summer is striking: anomalous temperature, all the details.

As reported Politeka, summer in Ukraine is not expected: “Showers of hail and heavy wind”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather in Ukraine is preparing a new dirty trick: “Can spin the head, watch out for health”.