From 1 July must start the electricity market.

С 1 июля должен запуститься рынок электроэнергии - Гройсман

According to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the Ministry of energy and mines is developing a regulatory framework for the launch of the new market

He said this in an interview with news Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” .

“Law on electricity market has been developed together with our international partners, write “Ukrainian news”. It is passed by Parliament and provides for the introduction of the electricity market from 1 July in accordance with all international standards. Now, therefore, pursuant to the law of energy is developing a regulatory framework for its implementation”, — said Groisman.

The Prime Minister believes that the introduction of the new electricity market should be taken into account is the social aspect.

“For me, it is very important that any innovations have not led to higher electricity prices for people,” he said.

As reported, in July 2019 in Ukraine scheduled the launch of the new model of the wholesale market of electric energy pursuant to the law “On the electricity”, which was adopted in April 2017. It is expected the transition from working on the model of “single buyer” for the full competitive market, providing a bilateral agreement between producers and large consumers, introduction of the balancing market, the market “day ahead” and vnutrikletochnogo market.

The law “On electricity market” implementeret the rules of the Third energy package of the EU.

For the population tariffs for the electric power will not grow. With the aim of preserving acceptable to the population the tariffs to recover the difference between market and regulated prices of electricity for household consumers will produce profits of “Energoatom”.