From 1 January 2019 in Moscow will rise in price utilities 1.7%

The Moscow government has approved new tariffs: 1 January 2019 utilities in the capital will rise in price by 1.7 percent.

This is reported by media, citing the statement of the press service of the Moscow Department of economic policy and development.

“In 2019, housing prices will remain within the limits established by the government of the Russian Federation. 1 January increase will be 1.7 percent, and from July 1, 2019 utility payment will increase by no more than 4.8 percent,” reads the message of Department.
In addition, in 2019 will increase each of the four types of fees for hiring of premises on average: 35 cents for concessional; 2 rubles 11 kopecks for the actual hiring of a dwelling; on 1 rouble of 38 copecks for commercial employment; 2 rubles 82 kopecks for employment in unsubsidized homes.

Also, it approved a new tariff for maintenance of the dwelling. From 2019 it will increase at a rate of 1 ruble 90 kopecks. Payment for overhaul will increase by 1 ruble 19 kopecks.

In addition, in 2019 will remain the system of measures of social support of citizens to pay for utility services, which operates today.

For the next year in the capital budget provided about 46,6 million roubles on support of the population in terms of payment of utility services.

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