Frightening symptoms of the body, which may not mean anything

Пугающие симптомы организма, которые могут ничего не значить

Network always you can find a lot of explanations.

People have become increasingly worried about his health because of environmental contaminants, climate change, harmful products, and lifestyle of modern citizens contribute to the development of diseases. As it turned out, not all scary symptoms are actually evidence of the failure in the body.

The smell

Online you can find a lot of explanations about unpleasant mouth odor, which could indicate even cancer of the stomach. But for the most part everything is much easier to get rid of the smell you should contact your dentist.


Normal temperature of human body is called 36.6 degrees, but in fact this figure is different for each person. Body temperature depends on the gender, age and race, and can also fluctuate throughout the day. So no need to worry about their health only if the thermometer shows 35.9-37.2 degrees.


Sharp chest pain may indicate infarction, pneumonia, peptic ulcers and many other ailments. However, it often happens that a person feels unpleasant symptom abruptly jumped up from the couch or wearing tight underwear. This irritated the intercostal nerve, as evidenced by the increased pain during exertion or breath.


White spots on the nails can indicate anemia, heart failure and other diseases, but often they manifest not only the symptoms. In the absence of nausea, vomiting, sleep disorders and weakness, spots on the nails can only talk about the trauma plate. This may occur, for example, during a manicure or after using household chemicals.


Lymph node

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Many people believe that because napravlyaushaya until illness in the body, may indicate enlargement of lymph nodes. However, it is not necessary to look for symptoms of a terrible disease, only under the skin began to exude a bump, because this could be caries, colds, allergies, or other slight deviation.

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