Frightening state of emergency on the border: “the military blew the crowd of demonstrators”, the ambulance can not handle the details

Устрашающее ЧП на границе: «военные разнесли толпу демонстрантов», скорые не справляются, подробности

The soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in Gaza

An angry crowd had flooded into the military, they immediately took action to stop the demonstrators. The participants of the so-called “March of return” opened fire on the Israeli military. It is reported by the Syrian Arab WAFA news Agency:

“At least 26 Palestinians were wounded in Gaza when Israeli soldiers opened fire on the participants of the “March of return”, which approached the barbed wire in the border area”, — stated in the message.

Устрашающее ЧП на границе: «военные разнесли толпу демонстрантов», скорые не справляются, подробности

According to international media reports, among the victims are teenagers and journalists:

“Dozens of residents have been given medical assistance after the dispersal of the protesters was used tear gas grenades, the ambulance did not have time to pick up the wounded”.

As you know, in the Gaza strip, Palestinians every Friday hold a protest near the border fence:

“”March of return” were a response to the Israeli blockade of this Palestinian neighborhood and moving the us Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which took place on may 14, 2018″, — write many of the international media.

Let us remind that the conflict between Israel and Gaza in recent years significantly worsened. So on 13 June the air defense system Iron dome intercepted a rocket over a kibbutz Nirim. Rocket siren sounded on the perimeter of Gaza and Ashkelon.

We also recall that in the capital under the Windows of the candidate in Vice-presidents, a massive explosion.

The incident occurred in the Afghan capital Kabul — where the bomb exploded. The explosion occurred near the office of the candidate in Vice-presidents of the country’s Amrulla Saleh.

“It happened on the first day of election campaign before the election of the President, to be held on 28 September.”

Moreover, a single explosion incident has not been exhausted — it is also known that after the explosion of unknown armed began to storm the office of the candidate. The altercation turned into a large-scale confrontation with the security forces:

“The Saleh evacuated from the scene,” reads the testimonies of the witnesses of the event. As we know, Saleh goes to the polls in the team of the incumbent President, Ashraf Ghani.

The investigators reported that the blast killed one person, reported on 13 wounded.

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Устрашающее ЧП на границе: «военные разнесли толпу демонстрантов», скорые не справляются, подробности

Let us remind that the Turkish diplomats were killed during an armed attack on a restaurant located in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Turkish foreign Ministry confirmed information about the death of one member of the Consulate General in Erbil:

“Killed the Deputy Consul General of Turkey in Iraq and two people accompanying him.”

It is also known that an armed man was shot by people from two pistols. According to Turkish newspaper Haberturk, in the attack suspect the Kurdistan workers ‘ party. Only three people were killed – all of them were in the diplomatic service of the country.

Official Ankara reacted to the attack.

Recall, the Palestinians have made a hellish night Israel fired dozens of rockets, children fled in terror.

As reported Politeka, trump decided not to open an Embassy in Jerusalem, sent his virtual copy

Also Politeka wrote that on the Wall saw a mysterious message about the end of the world.