Friend of Robbie Williams said, who was addressed as “the middle finger”

Подруга Робби Уильямса рассказала, кому был адресован «средний палец»

Middle finger, which singer Robbie Williams revealed in a live broadcast at the opening of the world Cup in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow directly at the camera, discusses the whole world. This gesture angered a lot of viewers, especially the Russian who took it personally.

However, this “finger” meant absolutely other people, and the singer did not want to offend any of the fans of any country, especially Russia. As told by a close friend of Williams, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “the finger” singer revealed to the British Parliament.

The fact that Robbie Williams is subjected to heavy pressure in the UK. The British “yellow press” put him in the worst light, when it became known that the singer will perform at the 2018 world Cup, but still free. It immediately began to accuse in connection with Russian President Putin. So Williams and afford such a gesture, pointing to camera the British government all that he thinks about them.

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