Friday the 13th the full moon will be a solar Eclipse

В пятницу 13-е в суперлуние произойдет солнечное затмение

On Friday 13 July there will be a solar Eclipse in the time of SUPERLINE of the moon.

However, the people of Russia and the Northern hemisphere will not be able to witness the rare phenomenon. It is reported that the rare natural phenomenon can watch the inhabitants of the extreme South of the planet Earth. This opportunity will get people from Antarctica whether Australia. The people of Russia might not be so lucky to witness the natural phenomenon.

At the time of SUPERLINE the Moon will close a third of the Sun. Also on land a unique phenomenon can be observed with the vicinity of Melbourne and Tasmania. Scientists say that this time the solar Eclipse will be located in the constellation Gemini.

The last time such natural phenomenon occurred over 40 years ago. The following items can be seen on Friday the thirteenth in 80-m to year.

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