Fresh air and see the art

art-sculptural-invite-jardins-domaine(Dunham) Why be locked in a showroom or a gallery where you can admire works of art in the open air? This is what provides for the 16th consecutive year, the event Nature and Creation, the largest sculpture garden in Quebec.

Again, visitors visit the vineyard site Domaine des Cotes d’Ardoise in Dunham, where 90 sculptors and sculptors from all over Quebec expose the fruits of their labor. Launched this week, Nature and Creation will continue until October 23 under the patronage of the businessman Luc Wiseman.

Strolling through the gardens, art lovers can admire 130 figurative or abstract works made of metal, wood, stone, glass and even recycled materials, some up to 12 feet tall.

A little more than 100 sculptures, small format, are also exposed within the small area of ​​the art gallery. To see covered, participants must have at least one large work outside, said the Nature of Creation and organizer, Jean-Pierre Menard, himself a sculptor.

The second art

“The sculpture is the second art. Some think that it dates of Rodin, but no. It goes back to Rome, Egypt, Greece … We want people to rediscover the sculpture through this event, “he says.

The latter insists every year, Nature and Creation is a point of honor to offer new material to visitors. At least 80% of the works are renewed, he said.

If the event is a core of forty faithful artists, other artists come and go each year, thereby ensuring a diversity of offerings and styles.

This is to tell Mr. Ménard that even after 16 years, Nature and Creation is not ready to go out. Instead, the organizer dream to make a day hosting an international event outside the country artists. A symposium component – where sculptors would create on-site live – might also be added to the exhibition.

Year after year, between 20 000 and 25 000 people roam the sculpture trail, and we hope so much this summer. To attract the most possible fans, the event will include ad via the Facebook page “Nature and Creation in the vineyard. Domaine coast of Slate. ”

Want to go?
Le Domaine des Cotes d’Ardoise is located at 879 Bruce Street (Route 202) in Dunham. The exhibition is open day. Visitors 12 and older must pay $ 2.

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