Frequent mood swings can be a symptom of schizophrenia

Частые перепады настроения могут быть симптомом шизофрении

From this mental disorder affects only 1% of the world’s population, but it is extremely important to notice his first signs

Determine patient is not easy, because others may think that person is just suffering from a midlife crisis, or explain the strange behavior depression or stressful situations, writes Сlutch. This disease cannot be detected with the help of medical studies: MRI or any tests.

The most important thing in this problem — as early as possible to recognize schizophrenia, until the disease took a severe form. This article contains the signs, noticing which, should start to worry. Remember, however, that an accurate diagnosis can only ask a specialized doctor.

Частые перепады настроения могут быть симптомом шизофрении

Most often the first symptoms of schizophrenia begin to appear during the period from 15 to 25 years (in rare cases it occurs in childhood or old age) these symptoms similar to the manifestation of the crisis of adolescence: isolation, communication difficulties, frequent changes in mood. But as long as a person is not observed, speech disorders, hallucinations and delusions — seriously do not worry. If these “oddities” observed in a long time here already to think seriously about the disease.

What is manifest delusions and hallucinations? To hallucinate means to perceive (see or hear) that it appears real, but in reality does not exist. Hallucinations can manifest in the form of disturbing visions or unfamiliar voices.

Delusion is a false representation of reality. When man, through imagination, he paints a picture of the world. You’ve probably heard stories about people that any situation despite the facts that explain on their own, often completely delusional. For example, the neighbor-the grandmother complains to the voices of “transmitter” which is in secret from her found in the apartment: in this case, the voice is a hallucination, and the existence of a “transmitter” — nonsense.

Частые перепады настроения могут быть симптомом шизофрении

The above symptoms are referred to as productive, they are the brightest. But yet there are lethargy, disorder of thinking, decrease in attention — not the most noticeable signs, but to ignore them is not worth it.

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In any case, when notice strange for a man — talk to him about it, very often the patients themselves realize that they have something wrong. After all, while the disease is not running — the ability to fully stabilize the patient’s condition improves significantly.

We will remind, fatigue, asthenia and depression: what are the differences and in what cases it is normal.

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