French killed in Saint-Sauveur: expert concluded that NCR

sylvain-fournier-accuse-avoir-poignarde(Quebec) Sylvain Fournier was not criminally responsible when he stabbed a French tourist in a cooperative of Saint-Sauveur last summer. This is the conclusion that the defense will present to the judge at the trial on 8 September. The Crown does not dispute this conclusion.

Sylvain Fournier, 42, is accused of murdering Aracil Joachim, 82, and the attempted murder of his wife Arlette Aracil, 76. The couple Nice, France, staying in an apartment in the cooperative’s Etale in Saint-Sauveur in order to visit his daughter, who emigrated to Quebec French. Fournier, known for his psychiatric problems, also resided for some time in the cooperative, which also inhabit several families.

On the evening of July 12, 2015, neighbors first saw Fournier walk in the yard, aimlessly. For a nebulous reason Sylvain Fournier was then rushed to Mr Aracil, who was sitting on his balcony

3rd Floor. His lady tried to protect him and was also reached by the stab wounds.

No jury

The murder trial to be held on September 8 will not be on the same mold as those we usually see in the Superior Court. First, only the Louis Dionne judge will hear the case; no jury will be convened.

Then the Crown Attorney Mr. Guillaume Michaud will have no witnesses to scroll. He will file a statement of facts, the intervention report of the forensic identification service and medical reports. The Crown and defense agreed on the factual framework of this drama, which will limit the duration of the presentation to the judge.

The defense lawyer, Mr Louis Michel Cote, will file a subsequent evaluation by the psychiatrist Dr. Sebastien Proulx, University Institute in Mental Health, which concluded that the accused was not criminally responsible at the time of aggression. The expert will testify to explain his report and Crown will not challenge the result of the expertise.

If the judge Louis Dionne, in light of the facts, agree to declare Fournier not criminally responsible, the Crown asked that it be declared high risk offender, a new surveillance measure used to control people with mental disorders convicted the most serious crimes.

In 2005, Sylvain Fournier had been declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder after being assaulted and robbed one of his relatives.

Arlette Aracil and family members told the Crown that they would be on September 8 to attend the trial.

The accused is incarcerated at the Graduate Institute of Mental Health since the beginning of the proceedings. A few days after his arrest, Sylvain Fournier was assessed by psychiatrists who concluded that he was fit to stand trial and understand the court proceedings.

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